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satellite communication


Introduction to Industry Applications

1. Satellite products have covered Tiantong+4G dual-mode mobile phones, Tiantong single-mode mobile phones, Tiantong+short wave intercom+4G the third mock examination mobile phones, Tiantong+AIS dual-mode shipborne mobile phones, Tiantong on-board terminals, Tiantong shipborne terminals, Tiantong airborne terminals, Tiantong 1, Beidou, Iridium, Maritime Symbol and other satellite Internet of Things terminals

2. High Electrical Performance Quality (PPM) - Reliability, Burning Machine

Three prevention requirements---- Cover performance, backlight performance

Wide working temperature range - industrial grade LCD, AMOLED

Outdoor visibility---- High brightness, semi reflective and semi transparent

Our successful cases

Our company provides customers with display screens, and the modified final product supports the Tiantong satellite mobile communication system. It can provide stable communication serial numbers in places that cannot be covered by fixed network connections such as deep seas, deserts, and deep mountains. After its launch, sales have been booming, and sales continue to increase. On this basis, we communicated with customers to discuss the development of three new products, all of which became popular once they were launched. This case also opens up more ideas and directions for our customized products.

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