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  • Manufacturer advantage

    * ERP system management
    * 2500 square meters of its own factory
    * 10 years since the establishment of the factory
    * More than 10 years of work experience in the management team
    * Industry-leading independent R & D and production technology

  • Production ability

    * Fully automatic production equipment
    * Post POL, COG / FOG, all-in-one production
    * Class 10,000 dust-free workshop / Class 100 dust-free workshop
    * Suppliers are industry brands and have cooperated for many years

  • Branded advantages

    * Multiple invention patents
    * National High-Tech Enterprise
    * IS09001: 2015 certified company
    * IS014001: 2015 certified company
    * ISO45001:2018 certified company
    * Good quality reputation in the industry

  • Product advantages

    * Focus on IN CELL, ON CELL, AMOLED
    * Quality LCD and IC supplier resources
    * Focus on three-proof mobile phone display
    * Perfect reliability test / development equipment

  • Service advantage

    * Professional sales team
    * Professional R & D technical support
    * Professional quality and after-sales team
    * Professional design of customized solutions


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    Handheld terminal

  • 02

    Smart home

  • 03

    Medical display

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Mobile terminal touch display application

Case: POS machines can be widely used in chain restaurants, commercial retail, tobacco industry, bank card marketing, etc .: safe and easy to use, can provide users with fast and safe financial self-service, financial transactions, QR code payment verification and collection Single service.

Application of touch screen in smart home

Case: Haier is the world's largest brand of large-scale home furnishing and a high-tech manufacturer engaged in the research and development and sales of home appliances. Haier has 10 major R & D centers, 21 industrial parks, 66 trading companies, and 143,330 outlets in the world, with users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Shenzhen Children's Hospital Medical Equipment Application

Case scenario: In the medical industry, touch screens allow medical personnel to get rid of the mouse and keyboard, and operate medical equipment through their hands or gloved hands. Medical touch products can be applied to nurse workstations, doctor's offices, patient self-help queries, computer-assisted medical treatment, etc.

POS desktop terminal application

Case: With the rise of Internet payment and O2O models, the demand for payment terminals is increasing; moreover, traditional POS has also undergone a transition to smart POS machines, and the corresponding display screen has also experienced a shift from black and white screens to color displays The process of changing the screen size from small to large, and capacitive touch screens are also increasingly used.

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