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The company officially put into production in April 2010. The overall area is 2500 square meters, and the purification workshop area is 1500 square meters. The cleanliness level of the full-fitting workshop is 1000, and the cleanliness of other dust-free workshops is 10,000. The clean area is level 100.

There are nearly 200 employees. The company has many senior R & D, quality, production, engineering and technical management personnel with a background in well-known companies in the LCD industry. We have independent R & D and production capabilities leading the industry. The products are: TFT liquid crystal display modules and assemblies, product categories include α-Si & LTPS, Incell, Oncell, AMOLED and other high-end displays.

The products are mainly divided into application display and communication, and application display is mainly used in smart bracelets, children's watches, smart homes, security, financial payments, police equipment, electronic cigarettes, card machines, robots, handheld devices, instruments and meters, etc. . Communication is mainly used in mobile phones.

Position: Sales Manager

Skills and Skills Requirements:

1. Familiar with marketing and good market development ability;

2. Familiar with LCM product knowledge and understand product cost structure;

3. Understand the sales dynamics of similar products;

4. Possess good communication skills and communication skills;

5. Major in electronic communication, economic management, and marketing is preferred;

6. Have strong comprehensive management ability, marketing planning ability, planning and execution ability, negotiation ability.

Jobs: Engineer


1. Have 2 years of LCD work experience, familiar with LCM production process

2.Ability to analyze and judge abnormal production lines

3.Ability to analyze and handle product defects

4. Familiar with the process flow of Oncell and Incell products, and actually make fixtures and wiring for the product

5, will easily write the display program.

Job: R & D engineer

Professional requirements:

1. Computer major or mechatronics major, mold and manufacturing major, machinery manufacturing and automation major, electronics major, single-chip computer course, protel 99SE course, engineering drawing course, electrical engineering college major, etc.

2. More than two years of work experience, mainly responsible for research and development design, product development.

Recruitment position: male and female general workers

Requirements: 18-35 years old, good vision, no color blindness, strong sense of responsibility, obedience to management, the comprehensive salary can reach 5000-6800 yuan / month, and the minimum wage is 4,000 yuan.

Jobs: QC

Requirement: Unlimited men and women, good vision, no color blindness, serious and responsible, strong sense of responsibility, obedience to management, work experience in LCM industry is preferred. The monthly salary can reach 5000-6500 yuan.

Salary: Negotiable

We offer you:

The normal working hours are 5 days and 8 hours, with a basic salary of 2,360 yuan, overtime of 20.34 yuan per hour,37.13 yuan per hour on weekends, and 40.69 yuan per hour on holidays.

Living allowance (clean clothes subsidy): 200 yuan / month;

Plus a yield rate of 0-400 yuan;

Plus performance award: 0-1100 yuan;

Monthly selection of many outstanding employees: RMB 100 / month reward;

60 yuan / month for one year of employment and 100 yuan / month for two years;

80-300 yuan / month for out-stay staff room;

60 yuan / month for multiple positions;

The company provides social insurance and supplementary commercial insurance for each new employee;

The company pays wages on time on the 20th of every month;

Accommodation is provided free of charge. The dormitory environment is good, with basic living facilities such as fans, hot water, balcony, and separate toilet. The company additionally subsidizes water and electricity costs of 20 yuan / person / month

1-2 company-wide staff tourism events, wonderful annual performances and rich sweepstakes

The company provides employees with multi-skilled professional training from time to time, and provides a good job development space and promotion platform for each employee.

Company activities: employee birthday parties, fun sports games, outdoor development sports, 1-2 provincial and foreign tourism events each year, wonderful annual performances and rich prize draws, etc.

The company follows the "people-oriented" concept of employment, cares for employees, and respects the development needs of employees in the new period, provides excellent salary, systematic training and education, and a broad development platform, and creates a colorful amateur culture for employees life.

Company Name: Shenzhen Rixin Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Company phone: 0755-36653030

Resume delivery email: nisinhr@126.com

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