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Introduction to Industry Applications

Since the rise of artificial intelligence AI as a national strategy in 2017, various related industries have been searching for AI landing scenarios, and the emerging market of translation machines has also become a hot topic. Translation machines are more intelligent, learning is more convenient and fast, and can be fully utilized in various scenarios. With the development of technology, translation machines are equipped with LCD touch screens, mainly to solve cross language communication problems. They are very suitable for those who are not fluent in foreign languages for the first time, and are widely used in travel, shopping, entertainment, and making friends and other scenarios.

Our successful cases

With the rise of AI, intelligent voice and translation technology continues to break through. We have developed a 4-inch 540 * 1080 18:9 handheld translation machine with our customers, which, in conjunction with their own AI algorithms, enables the product to lead the industry in speech recognition, text translation speed, and clear display. Currently, we have collaborated with a customer of 4. O handheld translation machines, with a customer usage of 30W and a continuous growth of 4300 application fields, with a 4.0CH 540 * 1080 high-definition resolution, Compared to common handheld translation machines, it has increased by nearly twice, with clearer information presentation and ergonomic design. It is easy to operate with one hand and has precise touch control. Handheld translation machines will not only be used for overseas tourism in the future, but will also be widely used in the professional translation market. Currently, in the three major industries of metal, medical, and computer translation, they provide great convenience for many users who need professional communication, and the demand for communication and translation is becoming increasingly prominent.

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