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Security System


Introduction to Industry Applications

1. Widely used in police handheld terminals, drug and drug testing, road traffic detection, etc. Meanwhile, due to the advantages of low power consumption, small size, long service life, stable performance, and intuitive display, LCD screens are widely used in handheld instruments and meters

2. Visual angle and high brightness meet the requirements of LED display screens for effective display in various environments such as sunlight, night, fog, and rain.

Our successful cases

According to the iterative upgrade of core customers' products, law enforcement recorder products are smaller and more intelligent, with more diverse product categories and application scenarios. We develop and design for our clients in high-definition sizes of 2.8CH and 3.1CH. Due to the unique characteristics of law enforcement recorders, we provide reliable and rigorous quality assurance. We provide LCM products that meet various reliability testing standards, even exceeding the industry standard range, to meet the needs of customers in various fields of machine application and provide excellent law enforcement equipment. Extremely light and small, high-definition video recording, video shock absorption and stable display, low light night full color display, more natural and clear. Let the law enforcement recorder products highlight their technology, beauty, and warmth. In the future, law enforcement recorders will usher in a new round of development, with a booming industry market. Our LCD display has high requirements for product accumulation, and targeted products will continue to be in demand.

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