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Introduction to Industry Applications

With the increase of outdoor enthusiasts, the requirements for outdoor communication equipment are also getting higher and higher. In different harsh environments, products are required to have stable performance, convenient and easy to carry, sturdy and durable, battery life, and anti drop performance; The equipment itself has strong protective performance, and can still stably perform in harsh industrial environments such as humidity, dust, high temperature, and low temperature, ensuring stable and normal use of the equipment.

Our successful cases

In 2018, customers designed handheld machines with scanning codes for the three protections (waterproof, dustproof, and anti drop) required by the power, petrochemical, and railway industries. The entire machine has extremely high requirements for shell materials, batteries, and display screen components. Our company cooperates in customizing industry advanced standard displays. Through various industry verifications from customers both domestically and internationally, the entire machine has achieved a 1.5M display screen that is unbreakable when dropped, 2M waterproof, and a brightness of 550 visible in outdoor sunlight, which was the highest industry requirement at that time. To lay a solid foundation for customers to deepen their handheld needs in various industries. In the later stage, various forms of three prevention products from customers have cooperated with our company to achieve strategic cooperation. Sales continue to increase.

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