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Introduction to Industry Applications

The handheld terminal integrates various aspects of work such as receiving, sorting, distribution, distribution, and delivery, achieving intelligent logistics work and management, real-time data collection, and aggregation to a unified information platform. Support management personnel and users to query logistics tracking information. At present, the application of handheld terminal machines in warehouse logistics management can standardize tasks and improve work efficiency. Upload data in real-time to facilitate management in formulating countermeasures. At present, it is widely used in warehouse management, including inventory counting, material shelving, inventory counting, material outbound, retrieval and query. The recognition speed is fast, the recognition is accurate, and the operation is convenient. All inbound, outbound, warehousing, storage, and distribution can be operated on handheld devices, saving a lot of labor costs and greatly improving work efficiency. It can be used on the move and has the characteristics of portability and stability.

Our successful cases

In 2018, customers designed handheld devices with scanning function in the medical and logistics industries. The customer has communicated and discussed with our company to differentiate themselves from the existing conventional handheld forms in the industry and address the significant shortcomings of large grip and clumsiness in the tool product market. Our company provides customized private mold 4-inch products, and customers design IDs based on this product to perfectly solve the industry's early pain points. After being exhibited at major exhibitions both domestically and internationally, customers have caused strong reactions and have almost become benchmark products held by the industry, attracting peers to emulate. After mass production in 2019, only external customer orders have reached over 100K as of 2022.

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