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Introduction to Industry Applications

1. LCD screens are mainly used in the medical industry for saliva analyzers, patient monitors, ultrasound instruments, X-rays, endoscopes, dentistry, and more. The size of medical device probes directly affects the severity of trauma, and miniaturization of probes can reduce patient pain and discomfort, and accelerate postoperative recovery. Therefore, miniaturization is also an important direction for the development of future medical endoscope technology. High resolution, miniaturization, and intelligent high-resolution imaging, utilizing the advantages of precise robot movements and reliable operation, can make endoscopic surgery more safe, accurate, and convenient, greatly reducing the labor intensity of medical personnel.

Our successful cases

The customer is one of the top five dental medical equipment research and development and production enterprises in the world, ranking first in China. In 2021, in order to change traditional physical human-computer interaction and make products more intelligent, customers developed a more intelligent and simplified dental cleaning machine with human-computer interaction concentrated on the display screen. After discussion with our company, based on the industrialization of the customer's entire machine backend, our company developed a practical and feasible software and hardware solution according to customer needs, perfectly realizing all customer ideas, At the same time, we meet all the requirements for static electricity and antibacterial properties of medical devices from European and American countries, providing customers with software and hardware quality assurance for their deep exploration of the European and American market. This model, as the customer's star model, is mainly promoted in the global market and has received good response.

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