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Smart Home


Introduction to Industry Applications

1. Intelligent home touch screens are widely used in villas, residential hotels, business centers, office buildings, etc. Its function is to achieve preset modes for scene control feedback operation, integrating all devices in the home, including movies, appliances, curtains, lighting, garage, etc., to achieve intelligent control feedback completion. Intelligent yet

2. The display effect is delicate, clear, vivid, and gorgeous, with stability and reliability; High resolution, clear display, wide temperature, and high brightness

Our successful cases

The rise of the Internet of Things+5G has driven the development of smart homes, where people pursue a higher quality of life and enjoy the convenience brought by technological development; The 4.5 inch (480 * 1170) display screen provided to customers breaks the traditional old style remote control with multiple physical buttons and single use, achieving the matching of medical and health big data with smart homes, and achieving the functions of single hand touch, single machine multi control, and one machine multi use.

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